texts from the avengers

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sweigh-inc asked: "Hi. Sweigh, the new social media app, wants you. Sweigh is a fun app that gives you the opportunity to pose a question and give the Sweigh community two options for answers. Users swipe left or right to vote for their favorite answer. You can use it with friends and followers to make up your mind about anything, help each other make decisions, or even just to be funny. Your first post could be, “Who is the sexiest? Captain America or The Winter Soldier”"

Three things:

  1. I can’t believe this blog gets enough attention to be getting messages like this. Holy crap. Seems like yesterday I was but a wee nerd sitting in my bedroom like “maybe I should make a Texts from the Avengers blog that seems like a good idea”. 
  2. Really? A sexual attractiveness contest between the Winter Soldier and Captain America is where you’re going to connect with us here? Not “Who can make better decisions under fire?” or “Who will risk more to complete a mission?” it’s “Lol but who’s the hottest???”?? I’m not twelve, and Barnes and Rogers are not up against each other in a beauty pageant. Whoever’s running your PR needs to go back over the demographics and pick another angle, my friend. 
  3. Sweigh may want me, but I don’t want Sweigh

PS: Barnes is totally hotter okay listen the eyeliner and leather and possibly vibrating metal arm and Jesus hair are way more intriguing than Rogers stoically blowing up everything with the jawline of freedom in a padded Halloween looking Kevlar costume there’s no contest 

Submitted by iseulttoinjury

Submitted by iseulttoinjury

Anonymous asked: "For some reason I feel super weird about posting/messaging you (I'm an introvert even over the keyboard/internet? *runs back to corner*) but you should know that your blog is fabulous and wonderful and I check it waaaaay too often and having been doing so for months. <3! (And I just discovered Texts from Baker Street, so, let's be honest, my productivity is basically zero now and forever more.)"

Good, good, let the nonproductivity flow through you! It only makes me STRONGER. 

(seriously though thank you so much omg)

Anonymous asked: "I just wanted to pass on a link that you can add to your area code map, but I can't put a link in an ask. If you Google 'area code listing', it'll return a link to Bennetyee, which has a list of all the US area codes (and a few international ones) in numerical order, with a breakdown down of what codes overlap each other, and other nifty info."

I’ve got a map up in the FAQ but i appreciate the thought

Anonymous asked: "Just wanted to drop in and say that I love you and your blog, don't ever change ok *awkward face-stroke*"

Omg thank you

I’ll ry to get some new stuff up I had a crazy weekend at metrocon