texts from the avengers

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Submitted by madmoll

Submitted by madmoll

Anonymous asked: "Hey so I just wanna say hang in there girl you can do this I would donate but money is tight right now for us too :/ my parents are going through a divorce right now. My dad is telling lies about my mom and saying she's an alcoholic and physically abusive to us (she's not) the only thing he cares about is money, he's mentally/psychologically abusive and all my sisters and me are terrified of him. gaaahh okay I keep running out of characters mainly I get it and keep it up you'll get through this"

AWWWW also yes thank you very much fro ur thoughts <3 and i hope you get out of that jfc

Anonymous asked: "Hey, I, uh, was the original anon who sent the ask about Guardians of the Galaxy. I was just curious, I'm sorry if people are pestering you about it :("

It’s okay! 

Because this blog has 34,000 followers, when someone starts something or asks a question or whatever, it’s very hard to get people to kind of forget about it. Everyone wants to say their piece and everyone uses the askbox to do it. 

Don’t worry about it. <3

fakesheep-luna asked: "Hi! I just spent two days scrolling through your blog with a terrible internet connection and just couldn't stop. And I love the amount of posts featuring Natasha/Bucky on your blog and specially when you choose a screencap with Maria Hill on it! Thank you, ~Ur awsom :3"

Omg thank you!

Anonymous asked: "The battle cry is "Wha'eva! Wha'eva! I do what I want!""


felinaofl2 asked: "2) This is still someone's tumblr, run by them. The lovely mod is who's responsible for creating and maintaining it, so how it's run is up to the mod. Pestering someone about something they really don't want to do can make the thing you love vanish, if the mod gets frustrated enough."

I’m not gonna delete unless people turn into raging infected dickholes about this blog

But thank you

Anonymous asked: "If you wanted to make it "Texts From The Avengers Except Tony Because I Can," that would still be your business. Perhaps a terrible decision, given Tony's capacity for hilarity, but one that is yours to make and have respected."


Anonymous asked: "Part of me's like, yeah, no official crossover yet and it's your blog and you can do what you want with it but I have a MIGHTY NEED for a Guardians of the Galaxy TFLN blog. (Not sure how they'd do texts from Groot though...)"

maybe i’ll do another blog hmmm