texts from the avengers

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Anonymous asked: "I'm pretty sure the text about Loki's nutsack is like, at least 60% of Norse Mythology."

Let’s not mix myth and Marvel here

(but yes, you are 10000% completely right. Also, Skadi runs every bar in Asgard)

shadynatural asked: "I've spent the last hour or so scrolling through this blog and I'm howling with laughter. Now I wanna get really drunk with the Avengers"

No you don’t bro you have no idea how Thor gets when he’s good and hammered

(yes the pun was intentional, Steve, put your hand down)



Anonymous asked: "Hi cannot donate just now but please know that as soon as I have money I will send it to you xxx"

Oh goodness thank you so much! :)





Anonymous asked: "*hisses* hail hydra"