texts from the avengers

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the-werian asked: "It took forever, but I did it! I read it all. You're fantastic, keep it up and if you ever need to vent, I'm here to listen. Thank you so much!"

Thank you very much!! <3

usovkeks asked: "I love this entire blog. It's amazing."

I love you too random citizen

alandoficeandfire asked: "Greetings from Iceland, TFTA Lady!! Your tumblr is a consistently awesome, tear producing, ab workout! I wish i could send you ALL THE MONEY, but i have none of them :´( You are a lovely person, and one day all your dreams will come true, but until then; DON´T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!!!!"

THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3 I’ll do my best! :D

Anonymous asked: "I spent the last two days in your blog, completely ignoring my duties as a blogger and all that stuff just to read who's having weird drunk sex with who. This is what you're doing to me"

I regret nothing

you’re welcome┬á

usovkeks asked: "This is random but you are one of the prettiest people I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Ok I'm gonna go now. Bye!!!"


whoemai asked: "Your blog is gold. Absolute GOLD. I cannot stress this enough."

Thank you so much omg